Born in 1975 in Birmingham, Catherine has lived in Malvern, York, Cambridge, London and Edinburgh, finally settling in Manchester in 2006. She now lives with her husband and three rescue cats in Fallowfield, a vibrant and diverse area south of the city centre, and the setting for her latest novel.

From an early age Catherine loved making up stories. She went on to study literature at university, and in her late twenties began to write for publication. Her early novels focused on fantasy and escapism, while in her later books she began to examine her own life experiences and perspectives through fiction. It was then that she discovered her true voice.

In 2015 she began her seventh novel, The Beauty of Broken Things. The novel is a contemporary love story and an exploration of how our mental health influences our lives, work and relationships. Although not autobiographical, the narrative is informed by her long-term experience of anxiety and depression. After receiving positive feedback on the manuscript, she decided to self-publish in 2018 with the aim of increasing understanding of and compassion for people with mental health issues.

In her day job she works in fundraising and communications for a children’s health charity where she has helped set up a new project to improve young people’s emotional resilience and reduce the stigma of mental illness.

As well as literature, Catherine is interested in the visual arts, and in particular the connection between creativity and wellbeing, which she explores in her blog.  She is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and member of South Manchester Camera Club. Other interests include history, music, film, travel and a probably unhealthy obsession with the news.

Authors who inspire her include Matt Haig, Michel Faber, Kazuo Ishiguro, Sebastian Faulks, the Bronte sisters, Tolstoy and many more.

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